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What are Dietary Supplements?

What are Dietary Supplements?

April 25, 2017 1:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many definitions of Dietary supplements, basically they are nutritients that we could not consume in the desired quantity required by our body, it could be herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and can be made from plants, fungus, animal parts, seafood etc. In simple words we can also say that “Dietary supplements are  the vital nutrients for the human body”

Dietary supplements are available in different variety of forms such as capsules, liquids, powders, energy bars, and tablets. We can drink or eat dietary supplements. You can find these supplements everywhere – we can get them in the grocery shops, vitamin shops and even at the shopping malls.

Let’s take an example suppose in your health reports you are suffering from the deficiency of VITAMIN-D and doctor suggests you to take VITAMIN-D in the forms of tablets or capsules. Such capsules or tablets called as VITAMIN-D supplements.

At Dietary Supplements Shop you will get high quality of ayurvedic products such as Amlacid which is very useful for heartburn and hyperacidity, Dylith that provides you effective result within 72 hours for kidney stones and Pileswell which is much more effective for Piles patients and stops piles bleeding within 2 days.

Dietary Supplements are generally used to improve your diet.  These supplements play a very significant function in our diet in improving our physical condition.

Why you need to eat Dietary Supplements?

If you are suffering from a deficiency of vitamins or you are not getting proper minerals, amino acids, protein, calcium, full of energy, feel tiredness whole day then you may need to include Dietary Supplements in your day diet according to your health deficiency. It will complete your full day diet and makes you strong internally and improves your strength.

At Dietary Supplements Shop we are not dealing with the multivitamin products that only contain vitamins and minerals; they also contain herbals, amino acids, enzymes, botanicals, antioxidants and other unique ingredients that have been proven to be efficient.

Before shop from DSS, you can go through review sections and can check reviews of our existing clients for each and every products of Dietary Supplements Shop.

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